Grahamstown The 3rd wonder of our world

September 2021
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Grahamstown National Arts Festival  (2 July - 12 July 2015)


Frontier Country is a vibrant mix of all the best of Africa - where many intense battles were fought & many famous warriors are remembered. 

True country hospitality reigns in this area with its world class game lodges, hotels & guest houses. You will feel as though you are immersed in an old Victorian town as you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful examples of the eras architecture, however you won’t lose touch with all the comforts of the modern world. The region manages to keep its historical roots and charm in not only its buildings but in the hospitality of its people.


You will find nature reserves and magnificent golf courses yet still be immersed in a land of history, art and culture. You could find yourself engrossed in the stories of our history by the locals for hours on end, while enjoying a relaxing afternoon or evening at one of our ambient eateries.


Grahamstown, the centre of Frontier Country is known by many colourful names such as the ‘Settlers City, City of Saints and City of Schools’.  Grahamstown hosts a number of festivals during the year, the most popular being the National Arts Festival during June/July and is also home to the prestigious Rhodes University.


The delightful towns of Alicedale and Riebeeck East are also situated in the area and are fast gaining local and international popularity for their lingering history and the many prestigious game reserves that surround them.


The relaxed atmosphere mixed with the richness of culture in this region of the Cacadu District will allow you an enriching experience filled with thrills, beauty and hospitality. The area is made up of a number of little towns, each with their own story to tell. Visitors can get a true taste of South African culture as they interact with the friendly people and experience Frontier Country.

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